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Are you considering selling or purchasing a house or conducting other real estate transactions? Has a dispute arisen or structural damage appeared after the transaction was completed?

A lawyer will assist you while completing a transaction, as well as when there are issues with the residential property or real estate.

With Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy, you will get a professional lawyer who will draft relevant documents, negotiate with the counterparty and resolve disputes until reaching a resolution. A real estate lawyer is a professional familiarized with property law, who will assist with issues regarding real estate and residential property, dispute settlement and drafting of documents, such as contracts of sale and articles of associations for condominiums.

When to seek the assistance of a real estate lawyer?

The services of a real estate lawyer may be used from the beginning of the process to recognize and minimize the risks related to the sale before completing the transaction.

The assistance of a reliable lawyer is valuable to the parties to the transaction, as juridical matters inevitably arise that require the assistance of a real estate lawyer to avoid further issues in the future.

A lawyer specialized in real estate has an important role especially in potential real estate disputes related to quality defects. The most common quality defects are related especially to mold and water damage


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A real estate lawyer is a reliable support in real estate transactions

A housing transaction is a sizable financial investment that is worth taking care of thoroughly from the beginning. It is wise to hire a lawyer familiarized with the specific sale to draft contracts of sale.

This guarantees that where issues or disputes arise, a resolution may be reached efficiently and without extra costs.

When you need a real estate lawyer, contact us!

One of the core practices at our firm is assisting with disputes related to property law as well as questions about liability for quality defects. We always strive for a settlement best in line with our client’s interests in property- and real estate related commissions to avoid extra costs. We also act as attorneys in court proceedings regarding disputes.

With Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy, you will get an expert real estate lawyer.

Assistance in matters related to property law is an integral part of our special expertise. Our experienced real estate lawyers assist you in disputes related to property and real estate and the drafting of relevant documents. Our lawyers are experts in all legal aspects of housing sales and you can count on the designated lawyer to take care of contracts and documents related to the property.

We operate in a reliable manner, always prioritizing our client’s interests. We highlight the importance of the relationship between the firm and the client and communicate closely with the client. We will answer any inquiries regarding property and real estate sales and are happy to tell you more. 


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Real Estate Lawyer
A lawyer will assist you while completing a transaction, as well as when there are issues with the residential property or real estate

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