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Reliable and solution-oriented

Law Firm in Helsinki

Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is a company founded in Helsinki 2013, which offers a variety of law and consulting services.

We are a reliable and solution-oriented partner for individual persons as well as companies. Our services combine the strong international know-how of our personnel and high-quality competence in various branches of law.

The core values of our operations are absolute confidentiality, accountability and, above all, customer interest.

We invest in the easiness of communication between our team and our customers because best and most innovative solutions come from seamless collaboration.

Identifying the customers individual needs and goals in addition to our comprehensive services guarantee efficient performance and customer satisfaction.


At Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy, the first contact is always free - for both individuals and companies!

Whatever the matter, we always strive to find a solution that is in the best interests of our clients. We value communication with our clients. Quality cooperation and open discussion often lead to the best results. Contact us and our customer service will help you get started!

Individual and international legal services

Our law firm in Helsinki serves private individuals

There will be moments in every person’s life when professional legal help is needed.

Our lawyers are here for you both in everyday situations and in the more demanding legal issues. Kaspian Law & Consulting provides comprehensive and competent legal expertise in all areas of law.

Free first consultation meeting

Our first consultation meeting to map the situation is always free when leading an assignment with us.

In this way, we can guarantee that our operations are always in your best interest and cost-effective. When you need a qualified lawyer, get in touch – our law firm will be happy to help.

Strong company law expertise

Consulting and Legal Services for companies in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland

In Kaspian Law & Consulting, we offer strong and comprehensive expertise in corporate law to the benefit of our clients.

Our practice takes into account our client’s business goals and the requirements of the business environment. This enables the client to focus on a smooth and practical business operations.

Welcome to Consultation Meeting

We always map your situation individually and assess the possibilities for progress. At the consultation meeting, we will give you legal advice and answer your questions. We will tell you your rights and obligations in this regard. We will also assist you in any litigation.

Lawyers, legal assistants


Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy

Mathias Kaspianranta

Mathias Kaspianranta

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Seppo Ingervo

Seppo Ingervo

OTK, Senior adviser

Iiro Lehtonen

Iiro Lehtonen

Lawyer, Licenced Legal Counsel

Teemu Nisu

Teemu Nisu

Lawyer, Licenced Legal Counsel

Julia Voutilainen

Julia Voutilainen

Notary Public, Secretary