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Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is a company founded in Helsinki 2013, which offers a variety of law and consulting services in Mannerheimintie, in the center of Helsinki, but we are easily accessible to Espoo residents and companies of all sizes.

Feel free to contact us, get to know each other and meet your challenges together!


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Our customer service will help you get started and the first contact is free and there will be no hidden charges. At the same time, we will assess your right to legal aid and find out the validity of any legal expenses insurance.

Remote Assignments

Remote assignments are also part of our services. The advantage of remote assignments is the ease of service. The technology we use is in line with current standards, so things are handled effortlessly.

Customer Meetings

We always evaluate the quality and need of the customer's case. If possible, the lawyer will also travel to the client for an appointment. Hearings in the courts are always held in the locality of the case in question.

Arrival by public transport

Our office is easily accessible in the heart of Helsinki and you can reach us conveniently by public transport. It is only about 400 meters from the train station to our office. You can get to our office right by bus and tram.


If you arrive by car in the immediate vicinity, Eliel, Kluuvi and Stockmann are the most convenient way to park.
Street parking spaces can be found all over the center of Helsinki.

See route

See the route to our office on the map service. You can choose the most suitable one from different means of transport.
You can also open the link with the map application on your mobile phone.

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For Private individuals

Law firm easily accessible to Espoo residents.

If you have a legal problem or need legal advice, you can always contact us.

You can easily reach us by phone and email. We handle assignments in a wide range of legal fields. Criminal and family law matters are the core competencies of our law firm.

We also handle a wide range of other legal assignments, such as litigation and housing matters. In litigation, we always try to minimize the costs to the customer.

Whether the assignment is small or large, we handle the matter with strong professional pride until the end. We always strive to provide first class legal service in every assignment.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We assist and represent our clients in all contract negotiations between the parties and in all courts.

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For Companies

For Companies in Espoo

For Espoo-based companies, we offer services ranging from consulting to in-house services.

We always adapt our services to suit the customer’s business. Our corporate law services are suitable for companies of all types and sizes.

Whether your business is big or small, you can always stay in touch so we can look together and agree on what kind of services your business requires.

The cornerstone of business operations is the smooth running of business operations. We have taken this into account when designing our service packages.

We strive to make doing business with us as easy as possible so that the customer can focus on their business in peace and trust the legal matters to be handled by professionals.