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Residential property and real estate transactions

Selling or purchasing property? Let’s complete the transaction responsibly, both legally and financially!

Property transactions are one of the most legally and financially significant purchases and the biggest investment an individual makes in their life.

Purchasing a property is often the biggest investment an individual makes, which is why it is important that the risks related to real estate transactions are recognized and minimized and that the relevant documents are drafted thoroughly before completing the transaction.

There are juridical details within any real estate transaction, and a lawyer with expertise can be hired to assist with the legal aspects of a transaction. Due to the great financial interest in real estate transactions, it is important that a lawyer drafts necessary documents and appraises potential issues with the property. Our expert lawyers assist you with the juridical aspects of real estate transactions Kaspian Law & Consulting is a reliable expert to support you through the transaction.

Our lawyers assist private individuals with residential property and real estate transactions, drafting of documents and contracts as well as dispute settlement and possible court proceedings.

We compose contracts of sale and deal with apartment rentals and real estate by offering tailored contracts of sale and tenancy agreements. Despite the availability of ready-made tenancy agreements and contracts of sale, tailored contracts ensure legal protection and prevent risks within a transaction from materializing. Our lawyers will assist you with real estate transactions! 


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Kaspian Law & Consulting – Juridical expertise

One of the core practices at our firm is assisting with disputes related to property law and drafting documents relevant to real estate transactions. Our experienced lawyer will assist you in all stages of a transaction and take care of contracts and documents.

You can count on us even with the juridical aspects of big decisions and investments. We operate in a reliable manner, always prioritizing our client’s interests. We highlight the importance of the relationship between the firm and the client and communicate closely with the client. We will answer any inquiries regarding property and real estate sales and are happy to tell you more. Your first contact is always free!

Housing transactions

Housing transactions Housing transactions in Finland are regulated by the Housing Transactions Act (asuntokauppalaki) (1994/843), which includes provisions for the sale of housing shares or any other interest in a corporation conferring the right of possession to a residential apartment, to protection of the legal and financial status of buyers of housing shares at the construction stage, and to certain other legal relationships involved in the production and sale of the housing referred to above.

The Act regulates both new housing as well as the sale of used housing. One of the most significant provisions for private individuals is the provision for disruptions in the performance of the contract, in other words issues between the seller and buyer. These disruptions can be divided into errors in the administration of the property and quality defects of the property.

Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions are regulated by the Code of Real Estate (maakaari) (1995/540). A real estate transaction is always a solemn agreement, meaning that the sale shall not be binding unless it is concluded as provided in the legislation despite the possible unanimity of the parties on the terms of the sale or a signed contract of sale.

According to the Code of Real Estate, the sale must be concluded in writing, the seller and the buyer or their attorneys shall sign the deed of sale, and a notary shall attest the sale in the presence of all the signatories of the deed of sale.

Juridical consultation as support in the process of selling property

Even a careful assessment of risks before a sale does not always mean that all problems can be avoided. Even after a careful inspection, there may be defects in the property that have not been detected.

Defects in the property often result in disputes between the parties to the transaction about what has been agreed and what is the correct value of the property in light of the defects. Usually, legal advice and consultation is required when putting forward demands.

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